Vidz the Aussie Box: The New Video SEO Opportunity

Defined as the practice of utilising video games to advertise a product, a political candidate or a company, Rotapix Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) experts say, is the emerging video SEO opportunity

Just a couple of weeks ago, some gaming sites and some political websites were discussing virtual billboards of Obama appearing in several Xbox 360 games to target the young adult male audience.

Considering the large number of online gamers, it is not hard for political parties teams not have no time to translate video post into social media and SEO space in a short span of time.

Though political parties online team are small, they were able to penetrate the consciousness of online gamers through advergaming and and can make political campaigns on YouTube channels or vidz very popular.

Looking closely at the average demographics of an avid gamer and comparing it to the average demographics of MySpace and Facebook, you will notice that they are somehow the same. One of the similarities is that the average age of online gamers and social networking sites inhabitants is 30. Furthermore, online gaming is in itself considered to be a social media because of the fact that people play with each other, comment, and interact.

Vidz even though it is still in its infancy, has all the potential to be the new video SEO market opportunity, all it takes is a little more popularity so companies, other than Obama’s can start reaping its benefits.

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