What are the Most Essential Traits of an Effective Social Media Strategy?

Your social media strategy will set the foundation for how your audience perceives your brand online. Therefore, ensure that your social media strategy is:

  •  Real: Your online brand must coincide with your brand in the real world. Be clear in your communications. Infuse your social media profile with your personality, humour, values and passions. In your posts, present your points of view in your own unique style. Ensure that your audience can relate to you as a ‘real’ person.
  •  Focused: The internet is so vast that it could leave you feeling overwhelmed. Avoid trying to be visible on all the social networks out there. Instead, focus on your brand attributes and your ideal community. Identify where your audience obtains information. Then, identify the top blogs in your category and post comments to connect with your audience. Similarly, create as many contact points as possible with your audience. Achieve this by cultivating an online presence in the social media tools they favour the most.
  •  Consistent: Whichever social media tools you select, ensure that you use them consistently. Create a routine by adding social media activities to your calendar. Plan your social media interactions one quarter at a time. Reach out to your audience with regular, branded interactions. Stay current and let your audience know what you’re up to. Avoid disappearing or dropping off the radar. Regular interactions with your audience will help you build stronger bonds with your target market.

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