What can SEO do For You?

Sell more stuff online with SEO – In most companies’ markets, significant sales are either made online or researched online. Approximately $160 billion was spent online in 2009 (source: eMarketer). 7% of all consumers spending is made online

Influence more offline sales with SEO – An amazing 89% of offline consumer purchases are first researched online). Some 7% of retail sales are made online and this proportion is increasing every year.

Get your stories read by more people with SEO – If you want your website content to be read by more people then SEO can help you get it found on search engines.

How SEO can help you get more brand awareness, traffic, and engagement to enhance your online presence.

Get promoted with SEO – SEO is an untapped opportunity for most businesses. Being the person that helps your company make the most of that opportunity might help put you on the inside track for promotion

Get a raise with SEO – Learn SEO as a new skill and you offer new revenue sources to your current and future employers. That makes you worth more money.

Start your own business with SEO – If you are interested in starting your own business then SEO gives you the chance of directly reaching potential customers locally, nationally, and even internationally.

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