What Does the Future Hold for Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising?

PPC advertising continues to evolve with each passing year. Hence, the fact that new trends will capture the imagination of online marketing firms and businesses remains ever-present. Many advertising experts believe that in the near future, cross-device and cross-channel attribution will serve to expand PPC advertising in a big way. In turn, these experts feel, PPC advertising will:

  • Enable users to get a visual feel of the product before they make an enquiry or purchase
  • Feature more advanced and interactive features for shopping campaigns for heightening user engagement levels
  • Persuade branded companies to incorporate branded campaigns and allocate higher budgets for funding these campaigns as well
  • Evolve significantly to incorporate strategic personal targeting of users instead of focusing merely on placements, topics, interest categories, keywords and remarketing lists
  • Ensure that companies focus on utilising native ads (i.e. ads where the form, function and colour of the ad blend with the content page on which the ad appears) for enhancing brand awareness levels among consumers
  • Capture the attention of more paid social platforms for advertising products and services to users and,
  • Continue to grow as more advertising platforms introduce ad extensions that focus on increasing the click through rate of PPC ads


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