What is Google flutter and why it will take over android in the coming era?


Google Flutter is the upcoming new Mobile App UI Toolkit designed by Google, which definitely take over Android Marketing with huge percentage in coming days. Flutter has certain features which make it different from Android:

  1. FAST DEVELOPMENT – Based on fully customizable widgets to build native interfaces in minutes.
  2. EXPRESSIVE AND FLEXIBLE UI – Completely native and user friendly features make it incredibly fast and expressive with multiple flexible designs.
  3. NATIVE PERFORMANCE – Flutter gives the full scrolling experience with navigator icons and fonts required for designing or creating any app compatible to both IOS and Android.

The first version of flutter was known as Codename “Sky”, which support to run on Android Operating System.

Why Google Make Flutter?

For Web developers the flutter is the best option to complete their coding in real time in framework provided to build mobile applications for IOS and Android. The programming language used to do development in Flutter is DART, a simple code based language of Google, which is customized with rich set of widgets for fast development.

Also, it is Expressive + flexible UI for rendering, animation and gestures into its framework to give complete control over every pixel on the screen.

When using Flutter, You can get complete IOS experience or Android experience, which reduces the usage of third party testing tool which usually used while development process.

Google provides full-fledged tutorial to start your development with Google Flutter.



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Ready To Make a Real Change? Let's Build this Thing Together!

Let’s Get Started

Ready To Make a Real Change? Let's Build this Thing Together!