What is Online Marketing?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategies have become quite commonplace in the online world. Despite this, many business owners possess little awareness of these strategies even today. As mentioned earlier, it is important for a commercial establishment to remain in the limelight. Customers do not have high attention spans. Thus, if you happen to slip out of their memory, another brand could well end up usurping your hard-earned space. This is why many businesses resort to a number of strategies for staying in their customers’ minds. For this, they will need timely promotions and gimmicks as part of their marketing strategies. Clearly, without a well-thought out marketing strategy, a business could well end up foundering. Online marketing does not merely enhance the visibility of a business. It helps in building up a company’s reputation as well.

For the uninitiated, online-marketing denotes various tools and techniques used for promoting products and services over the internet. As such, any method used by business owners for making people aware of their brand online is a part of online marketing. This is why many people refer to online marketing as online advertising or internet marketing too. It is worth mentioning that offline advertisements will usually be direct and clear-cut. In contrast, some online marketing strategies typically focus on providing subtle messages to their target audience.

Whenever you need to search for a product or a service, you will typically search for it on the internet. In the past, people did their internet searches on desktops and laptops. Today, the internet is easily accessible on your smartphones. So, when you search for something, the search engine will return websites that match the terms or the expression that you have keyed in. This highlights the importance of having online marketing strategies. The internet never sleeps. Thus, you could get customer enquiries even if you’ve shut shop for the day. If you overlook the importance of online marketing, you could well find your customers heading to your competitors for transacting their business.


–  Unlike offline marketing strategies that are costly and time-consuming, online marketing is cost effective and targets your customers directly

–  It is significantly easier to evaluate and monitor your online marketing strategies

–  You can mix and match an assortment of online marketing strategies such as Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising or SEO for forging constructive relationships with your target audience and,

–   These strategies can help small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) compete with larger corporations for a share of the market

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