What is Social Media Optimisation (SMO)?

The internet led business owners to develop and utilise various online marketing strategies. Some businesses enhanced their profits by utilising paid search campaigns. Others made their money via Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaigns. As more and more people began to access the internet, they began to connect to their friends, relatives and colleagues. This led to the emergence of social media.

Social media platforms enabled people to remain connected to their peers and friends online. These websites even enabled people to share their feedback about various products, services and companies online as well. So, consider a situation where a friend had a poor experience using a specific product. The individual concerned would simply visit a review site and place a review there. Or, the individual might simply share the experience with the product on various social media sites. People connected to this person will easily be able to view the feedback about the product. Thereafter, it would be very surprising if anyone in this individual’s friend circle was willing to tempt fate by purchasing or, even trying that specific product.

This example highlights the power of social media. With a single post on your social media site, you could end up exerting a considerable amount of influence on the number of people who purchase in certain products or services, or refrain from purchasing them. To harness the power of social media, businesses began connecting with their clients on various social media sites. This enabled them to reach out to the people in the social media circles of their clients. To accomplish this effectively, businesses formulated social media marketing strategies. After this, SMO was merely a step away.

Social Media Optimisation denotes the strategy of using various social media platforms and communities for generating viral publicity for a specific brand, product or event. It aims to attract unique visitors to website content by harnessing social media activity. By connecting with people in various social media sites, you extend the outreach of your business. This enables you to increase the opportunities for people to link to your main business page. In short, SMO enables you to direct your prospective clients towards the direction in which you want them to go. When used effectively, it can help you improve the organic search results for your website.

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