What Will Be Some of the Major Search Marketing Trends to Emerge in 2015?

Marketing strategies will continue to evolve as companies come up with various measures and innovations to get their businesses noticed. Similarly, search engines will make the necessary adjustments to level the playing field too. Therefore, the best SEM strategies to utilise will keep evolving with time. For the moment though, the major SEM trends to keep a lookout for in 2015 include:

Mobile searches will rapidly overtake desktop searches
Business enterprises will move from providing globalised experiences to more personalised ones – especially given the volume of consumer data that they have
Businesses will start focusing (and investing) their marketing budgets in paid searches given the recent adjustments to Google’s algorithms and the upcoming changes to Facebook and other social media platforms
The increased use of mobile technology for searches will result in an increased emphasis on developing location-based mobile ads
Marketers will invest a larger share of their SEM funds to advertising on search engines like Yahoo and Bing, especially as estimates suggest that traffic from Bing provides higher quality leads, which result in greater revenue generation opportunities
Businesses will also devise comprehensive marketing strategies that cater to web searches, mobile searches, location-based ads etc. on several search engines for maximal results

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