Why Google Site Diversity update is important to search results?

Understanding what users are actually searching for when they type in search query and delivering those maximum options in their search results that meets user’s intent. Google has made simple change in its ranking method for websites in SERP, which says that every website will appear only twice in each SERP of google.

Throughout many years, all SEO experts have been tasked with finding unique methods for overcoming the fact that Google top search results often show too many listing for the same site, which allow one website or domain to dominate the search queries.

So, in the past years when you searched for a specific keyword, you might get 4, 5 or more results if top 10 from the same site. But now with this new update of Site diversity Google is now aiming to not to show more than 2 results for one site in top 10 results.

The Google Site diversity is not the update it’s the chance for sites rank in search results, those having poor quality score because some of the search results will continue to show more than one result if Google decide its relevance.

Google site diversity update will reflect changes in search results not in google broad update change in algorithm which will include the sub domains of domain names.

Therefore, in accordance to this new update, if any SEO specialist is targeting to get their domain to dominate the Google search results for specific queries, this will undoubtedly affect them.

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