Why is Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Important?

Many search engines permit individuals and business establishments to purchase listings that appear in their search results. These paid listings appear along with the organic (or unpaid) search results. These paid listings denote Pay Per Click (PPC) listings or advertisements.

In many cases, the search engines sell these ads in auctions. You’ll need to bid what you will pay the search engine if someone clicks on the ad. If you happen to bid the most, you could win the chance of ranking at the top of the sponsored search results. When someone clicks on your PPC listing, the link will take them to your website. At that moment, the search engine will charge you the amount you had bid. For instance, if you bid $.10 per click and 100 people clicked on your listing, you will need to pay the search engine $10.
PPC advertising has the potential to generate traffic almost immediately. This is why it’s among the best online-marketing strategies that businesses typically employ. If you’re willing to spend enough, you will get the topmost placement, which in turn, will enable internet users to see your listing first. And, if your listing contains the keywords people are searching for, this will increase the likelihood of clicks your ad receives. Many businesses make PPC advertising a part of their business strategies because it is:

  • Fast and can generate traffic within minutes
  • Nimble, thereby enabling you to change or adjust your campaigns within hours instead of days and,
  • Very cost effective as you can generate traffic to your website for a fraction of the cost of any other form of paid advertising


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