Why Long Tail Keywords Are So Important.

Some of our customers request ranking for single primary keywords without concern of any variants like long tail keywords. In SEO this happens a lot. This all too common inadvertent mistake can lead to a narrow keyword base.

Let me explain about the modern searcher. The internet user has advanced with the internet, we are smarter and know how to use the internet more productively. We have also advanced with a searching. Users no longer have to type a primary keyword to find what they want. They can type exactly what they want and sure enough, they will get a result. So why is this happening? In the early days of the internet which was not that long ago, there were not enough websites to fill up all the keywords being searched. So when a user typed a long tail term “Sydney picnic locations by the sea”. In most cases they were returned a page with zero results. This forced the user to broaden there keyword  to “Sydney picnic locations” and in some cases broaden it to “Picnic”. Now where talking about the dawn of the internet here. If you type this long tail term now into a search engine you are returned quality usable results.

The modern searcher will search the exact term that they are seeking, hence the importance of ranking for these long tail terms. The added benefit is that the bounce rate of these visitors is very low because your page meets there strict search criteria. Now long tail terms are not huge traffic pullers on there own. In fact they pull hardly any traffic. But when you calculate them as a whole they account for the majority of all the search engine referrals. So there you have it. Long tail keywords are great traffic pullers, easy to setup and offer lower bounce rates increasing leads and sales. There are the silent hero.

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