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About Rotapix

Rotapix uses advanced technologies for secure and reliable online software and website development. All our projects are featured with the needed documentation, guarantee and support.


Through the years, Rotapix Interactive has developed a solid reputation as a reliable partner in online advertising and marketing. Our expertise transcends boundaries. Our company operates in Australia but reaches a global audience. In fact, many international companies trust no other name in online marketing aside from Rotapix.com.The professional team behind Rotapix Interactive can look after your every need. We help you find the best and most affordable online web solutions for your business. No project is too big, too small, or too complicated for us. Rotapix.com takes pride in our ability to adapt according to the client’s specifications. Flexibility, innovation, and honesty: these are the cornerstones to our success.


Among the services you can take advantage of include Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) Management, Web Development, and Internet Applications Development. Our team takes the time to understand your business process, its offerings, as well as its competitive advantage. As a result, we are able to develop the right applications that meet your goals and satisfy your customer.

Rotapix Interactive Media is a subsidiary of Q Interactive Pty Ltd, a leading internet service provider in web marketing communication in Australia. Founded in 2002, our 19 years of experience has enabled us to capture the formula for online success. We have served over 150 clients in different industries during this timeframe.

Our dedicated staff of over 20 employees has grown to become one of Australia’s most respected web marketing service providers. Aside from Rotapix Interactive Media, there are other subsidiaries under f Q Interactive Pty Ltd including:

Each of our subsidiaries has one common goal: to deliver tangible results to clients, to online communities, and to the public in general.

Our Awesome Team

Victor L. Quinteros Snr. BEc L.R E.A

Sales Director

Victor Snr is an Investor and Sales Director of Rotapix; prior to this Victor Snr was from 2000 to 2005 the CEO and Managing Director of Orange Realty Pty Ltd, a Sydney based online real estate agency. His background involves real estate and technical sales and project management. In his role with Rotapix, Victor Snr is largely responsible for driving new business. As the Sales and Marketing Director, Victor Snr is in charge of lead generation and response management for government and private sector bids. Victor’s career, mostly in service and sales, has been spent working in operations, sales, marketing and management capacities. He thrives on strategic challenges, and being a motivator and above all else, Victor Snr possesses an unmatched positive attitude towards his colleagues and the future of Rotapix.

Victor Quinteros - Bachelor of Communications Masters Of Computer Applications

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Victor Quinteros manages the daily running of Rotapix working closely with the Development team ensuring that client’s projects are developed to the highest standard and specified budget. Victor’s role at Rotapix incorporates that of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) analyst and he holds overall responsibility for project management and business development. Victor has a broad set of skills relevant to providing online strategic direction and advice on the management and delivery of online content, including business analysis, requirements acquisition, online branding.

Daniel Delfino BA LLM Syd

Legal Advisor & Consultant

In his role with Rotapix, Daniel is solely responsible for the legal dealings of Rotapix relative to copyright and intellectual property, online data security and sensitive information protocols. Daniel’s background involves specialising in internet, online patent and copyright law. In addition he is the Sole Principle of the Delfino Group Pty Ltd. A highly successful legal and investment firm based in Sydney. Daniel brings a wealth of legal advice and guidance to the Rotapix team.

The Rotapix Difference

Rotapix uses advanced technologies for secure and reliable online software and website development. All our projects are featured with the needed documentation, guarantee and support.


Client briefly describes the project. We discuss it if needed and Rotapix gives an approximate estimate of the cost and time required to do the work.

  1. Client defines the task and gives the initial information for the project.
  2. Rotapix project manager asks additional questions to clarify the work to be done.
  3. Rotapix Account manager provides client with a preliminary project cost estimate.

At this phase we create an HTML-prototype of the project, elaborate the Functional Specification (FS) and give an exact estimate of the project cost and time.

  1. Rotapix creates HTML-prototype and publishes it online on our server.
  2. Rotapix elaborates Functional Specification, exact time and cost estimate.

The actual work on a web development of ecommerce software development project includes several simultaneous processes. Client is provided with the capability to control the progress on each of the activities at any development stage. The HTML-prototype originally shown to client is step-by-step replaced by a full-scale solution. The processes are:

  1. Database Scheme Design.
  2. Graphic Design.
  3. Development.
  4. Testing.
  5. Control.

Our corporate portal helps client to manage all the steps and processes of working on a project, communicate with the offshore project team, track the time spent on his project.


The final project phase includes set up of the hosting infrastructure, the solution tune up and support.

  1. Set up at client hosting.
  2. Tune up.
  3. Customer personnel education.
  4. Launch of the solution.
  5. Technical Support
Maintenance and further development

Rotapix provides the ongoing maintenance of the solution. If client needs to add new functionality to the solution developed, the work on the project starts from the first phase.

What We Do Best

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Marketing

Audience Analytics

Web Development

Pay Per Click

Mobile SEO

Domain Name Registration

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Ready To Make a Real Change? Let's Build this Thing Together!

Let’s Get Started

Ready To Make a Real Change? Let's Build this Thing Together!