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Are you a business or company which is interested in free internet marketing? Chances are you have taken part in some free marketing but are unsure what it all means. You must also be interested in Search Engine Optimisation as you are taking this free ranking report. So the next logical question to ask is:

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing have self created indexes with your business or company website listed in them. The search engine crawler organises each website with relevant keywords relating to your website and ranks the keywords by relevance.

So when a user types the relevant keywords into the search engine it generates results relating to the keywords. If your site is indexed with this searched keyword your site will rank in the search engine results page. If multiple sites rank for these keywords the search engine takes how trustworthy your page is into account.

The process of ranking is more complex than that. No SEO company knows the exact formula the search engines use to rank the websites, so guaranteed ranking number 1 should never be trusted as it cannot be successfully done for various websites as the formula for ranking is constantly changing as well as your rankings.

What can Rotapix offer you?

Rotapix offers a FREE report to detail how your website ranks for relevant keywords. This report allows you to see exactly how well your website is ranking on search engines prior embarking with search engine optimisation. If you require search engine optimisation Rotapix can help you with that too.

What You Get

A report detailing 6 keywords and/or phrases and the exact position that your website ranks in the top three search engines, Google Australia, Yahoo7 and Bing. With international search engines too.

Report Details

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  • Currently, this report is only offered to Australian based companies and websites.
  • A maximum of one free report is offered per company / business / website.
  • Adult, Gambling, Spam, or other websites that we deem inappropriate will not be accepted.
  • Rotapix reserves the right not offer this website ranking report to websites they do not deem appropriate.
  • This report is not offered to existing clients as a more comprehensive report is provided as a part of our search engine optimisation offering.
  • Rotapix will not sell your details or use your details for marketing purposes.

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Ready To Make a Real Change? Let's Build this Thing Together!

Let’s Get Started

Ready To Make a Real Change? Let's Build this Thing Together!